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by David Parlett

"If games did not exist it would be necessary to invent them"

I'm an author, designer, journalist and consultant on board, card and word games. I also give talks and workshops on the games history, theory and appreciation, and advise on the staging of games in period films and TV drama. My best-known game, Hare & Tortoise, was the first ever winner of Germany's prestigious Game of the Year award and is still published throughout the world.
In 2013 I was one of five inductees to the first UK Games Expo Hall of Fame for my books and writings, in 2016 I was awarded the Dau Barcelona for 'a life dedicated to games', and in 2018 received the Göttinger Spatz for much the same thing. In 2016 I was appointed Visiting Professor in Game Design at the University of Suffolk and in 2017 was awarded an Honorary Doctorate.
This site lists all my books, games and film/TV credits. For details, see my site map or pick a thumbnail. For my non-games pages, please see Parlett Pages
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