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Katarenga My latest game was launched by Huch Spiele at Spiel Essen in October. It's getting a high user rating on BoardGameGeek.
Chicken Out! box Chicken Out! now published by Piatnik. The edition by Gibsons Games has just won a Creative Play award.
4 Seasons box 4 Seasons  - a card game based on Ninety-Nine, just published by (appropriately) 999 Games (Netherlands).
Around the World Box Around the World in 80 Days receives American Mensa Select award for 2017
Illustration Roman Dice (aka Roman Poker, Avé!)
Illustration International Board Game Studies Asociation
designer, journalist and consultant on board, card and word games. I also give talks and workshops on the games history, theory and appreciation, and advise on the staging of games in period films and TV drama. My best-known game, Hare & Tortoise, was in 1979 the first winner of Germany's prestigious Game of the Year award and is still available in several different languages. In 2013 I was one of five inductees to the first UK Games Expo Hall of Fame for my books and writings, and in 2016 I was awarded the Dau Barcelona and in 2018 the Göttinger Spatz for "a lifetime's dedication to games". In 2016 I was appointed Visiting Professor in Game Design at the University of Suffolk and in 2017 was awarded an Honorary Doctorate.
This site lists all my books, games and film/TV credits. For details, see my site map or pick a thumbnail below. For my non-game interests please visit my personal website at davpar.eu.

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